Hidden pin fixing 1

Hidden pin fixing for two or four pins

This is my preferred method of hidden pin fixing.  It is not the usual way, most manufacturers use a straight pin fixing. I think my way is better! The attached video was made to help my customers fix their stone house signs.

My hidden fixing house signs are hung on two ( or four) stainless steel pins fixed into the back of the stone sign – the pins are set at a downward angle.The pins supplied loose and needed to be glued into place in the back of the stone – Use any STRONG adhesive – Super glue is our preferred  adhesive for this purpose ( you may have to use two applications to fill the gap around the pin. Allow the superglue dry for a few hours.) Two part  Araldite Epoxy types are also good and will cure in just a few minutes! ( we do not fit them before delivery as they are prone to damage during transport).Once the pins have set,  use a “shift stock” as a guide to the angle of the pins or simply make an angle guide out of  cardboard. (Place a 2 inch strip of card to back of stone, draw pencil line at the angle of the pin and cut with scissors.)Simply measure the distance between the two (or four) pins and drill two (or four) LARGE holes in the wall at a downward angle, using your guide to judge.

You do not need to be particularly accurate.  The drilled holes can be quite a bit bigger than the diameter of the pins, and because the holes are bigger do not even need to be drilled very accurately. Use a drill bit larger than the pin size. (for 7 mm pins use a 10-15 mm drill (or larger!) for 10 mm pins use a 12 –20 mm drill bit. ( or larger!)Offer the sign to the holes, if they do not quite fit, ream one or both of the holes with your drill  until the signs sits easily and level on the pins.If the sign is still not sitting level – a bit of packing under one of the pins will usually do the trick. The sign will now hang completely securely from the pins. The sign can now be permanently “fixed” into place using cement or a strong exterior adhesive.


I apprenticed at the age of 15 as an ecclesiastical marble mason and have worked in the stone trade for 52 years. I have Made headstones in marble, worked on ancient monuments as a restoration stonemason, made marble and stone fireplaces and specialised for twenty years as a stone engraver. I am now retired but am active in making videos and advice articles about natural stone and engraving.
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