The Stone Engravers Academy is a video based school for learning all aspects of how to be a professional stone engraver. If you are looking to enhance your existing business or you are looking for a complete change of career, then learning the craft of stone engraving might be the answer!

You do not need academic qualifications, or any previous experience or relevant skills. Stone engraving is largely a hands-on practical trade for hands-on practical people.

You will need to be willing to learn new trade skills and how to create simple artwork on a computer. But the videos in the Stone Engravers academy will cover all of these skills in easy to understand detail.

We urge you to explore the portfolio of work on this website to see the kind of work we have produced over the years using the techniques and skills we teach in the Stone Engravers Academy.

If you have any questions concerning the academy please contact me here: Stone Engravers Academy Contact.

INTRODUCTION: Why become a Stone Engraver?

Enroll in one or more of the MODULES below:

Each MODULE concentrates on a particular aspect of the art of stone engraving. You can enroll in the modules in order – one at a time, or choose to enroll in the modules that you think you need, alternatively you can take up GOLD membership that will entitle you to access to all modules for a period of twelve months. Please read the contents of each module carefully before enrolling to ensure that subject matter suits your needs.

MODULE 1 The Basics: Skills and equipment.

  • Workshop tour and minimum Equipment needed.(10 mins)
  • General safety and risk assessment. (11mins)
  • The basic 4 key skills (5 mins)
  • Rosewood House sign sandstone from start to finish in real time. (39 mins)
  • About compressors. ( 5mins)
  • About pressure pots. (4 mins)
  • About blast systems.(10 mins)
  • Dust extraction.(5 mins)
  • Blasting grits.(3 mins)
  • Intro to IT. (9 mins)
  • Plotter/cutters (10 mins)
  • 12 Months access £195.00

MODULE 1 £195.00

MODULE 2 Stone Slate and Granite types for engravers.

  • Risk assessing different stone types.(4 mins)
  • An introduction to York Stone (7 mins)
  • Making a York Rockborder sign (38 mins)
  • Introduction to Granite (6 mins)
  • Making a granite Art-deco sign (38 mins)
  • Introduction to Slate. (9 mins)
  • Making a Slate sign with images. (32 mins)
  • An introduction to sandstone.(6 mins)
  • Stones to avoid. ( 3.25)
  • 12 months access – £195.00

MODULE 2 £195.00

MODULE 3 Preparing and finishing – In-relief carving.

  • Wet working risk assessment. (2.00)
  • About wet polishing. (14.00)
  • In-relief carving – Willow Cottage sign (35.00)
  • Edge polishing granite. ( 10.24)
  • Polishing and finishing slate (19.24)
  • About York Stone types and suitability.
  • Preparing York Stone for engraving. (7 mins)
  • Preparing Sandstone (18.03)
  • 12 months access – £195.00

MODULE 3 £195.00




GOLD £495.00

If you have any questions concerning the academy please contact me here: Stone Engravers Academy Contact.

We do not have access to or store any of your sensitive financial details.

Payments are handled by Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to enroll. Simply choose the credit card option at the bottom of the Paypal checkout.
Once you have completed payment you will be emailed with a unique link to our registration page.

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