Engraving Styles on Natural Stone

Here at Stoneengravings we offered two styles of engraving. Both styles require deep cut engraving. We did not use the lighter, finer laser etched methods commonly offered on slate and granite.
This deep engraving does require more time and effort but the extra work does result in signs that stand the test of time and will always reflect the quality of the craftsmanship we put into every engraving.


CLASSIC style house signs have Inscised letters and numbers, these are engraved deeply into the polished or fine honed face of the stone, slate or granite and then left natural (unpainted), or highlighted with colour fill.

Natural Engraved Lettering

You may think that leaving the lettering unpainted means the sign is less visible or harder to read form a distance than the cut and painted version but in practice as long as the letters are deeply engraved, natural signs are very clear and can be easily read from a distance. As a bonus this is also the long term maintenance free option!

Engraving on superhard Granite

.We do paint fill the incised lettering on Granite and Welsh Slate house signs to highlight the engraving.


IN-RELIEF style house signs have the letters and numbers cut from the face of the stone. The background stone carved back from the face, leaving the letters and numbers standing proud.
The background can be painted to highlight the letters but is more commonly left Natural.

Cream Indian sandstone carved in-relief.
Font “Dolphin Allcaps”

This is an ancient and traditional form of engraving and ensures that the inscription remains readable and ledgible for decades without the need for maintainence.


Sandstone Rockborder house sign.
Sandstone Rockborder house sign.
Dolphin font.

Rockborder signs highlight the essential nature of the stone. The rockery edge emphasising the very natural origin of the sign

Welsh slate with engraved celtic knotwork border.
The font is “celtic”.

Welsh Slate, Celtic style font engraved in-relief
Historic borders like a Celtic border can reflect the history of the building, the local region or the personal history of the owner of the house.


A motif image engraved on your house sign can really personalise your sign. A motif reflecting the name of the house, such as: An Oak tree, A Kingfisher, Highlighting a feature of the local area, A picture celebrating the interest of the owners such as a pet motif, or as in this case, A Classic Spitfire house design.

Yorkstone house sign with carved in-relief Spitfire.
The font is “Times Roman Bold”.


Talk to your chosen stone engraver, he or she can advise on the best style for your house sign or plaque. If you are not sure which style of engraving you prefer, why not ask your stone engraver for a free design draft to help you decide. This may help you decide which type of engraving best suits your style of home.

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