Rock Carving 1

My wife and I are lucky enough to own a beach hut on the south coast of England. The beach is a mass of rocks and stones. I have always wanted to try to carve the stones as a beach side hobby. However these stones are way too hard to carve withe a chisel. My growing competence with the Parkside cordless Dremel type grinder has given me a way to try this.

This first effort was done entirely on a whim. I did not plan or think through the design. It was truly great fun, I picked a day when the wind was howling off the seas and the waves crashing onto the beach. Normally on a day like this we would head for home after the first cup of tea,but once I started carving I just had to finish

And it was great fun!

I am well aware that this little doodle is no work of art, but the fact that I managed to engrave anything on this hard stone was very encouraging, and I genuinely enjoyed the experience.

This is an easy and accessible hobby. All you need is a Dremel type tool, a few diamond engraving burrs and a stoney beach. A beach hut is simply a luxury extra!

I will be doing a lot more of this, hopefully my skills will improve and eventually you may see something that will inspire you to have a go! So watch this space!


I apprenticed at the age of 15 as an ecclesiastical marble mason and have worked in the stone trade for 52 years. I have Made headstones in marble, worked on ancient monuments as a restoration stonemason, made marble and stone fireplaces and specialised for twenty years as a stone engraver. I am now retired but am active in making videos and advice articles about natural stone and engraving.
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