Rock Tumblers Resources (UK)

This is a place for UK rock tumblers to share their experiences of where to buy the grits and polish that we all need to feed our insatiable machines.

I will list where I buy my grits and polish and if you have come across good suppliers or a machine retailer that offers great value and service please let me know via the contact form and I will add your comments to this page.


THE POLISHING SHOP I buy most of my Aluminium oxide grits from here. They sell a wide range of grit sizes and in bulk quantities if you want.


LITTLE GEMS ROCK SHOP 80/220/400 grit Silica carbide in 1kg bags and 500g bags at a reasonable price.

AMAZON 60 grit silicon carbide sometimes available in 500g and 1kg lots at not a bad price. This is the only place I know where you can get 60 grit SC.

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