Rock Tumblers Resources (UK)

This is a place for UK rock tumblers to share their experiences of where to buy the grits and polish that we all need to feed our insatiable machines.

I will list where I buy my grits and polish and if you have come across good suppliers or a machine retailer that offers great value and service please let me know via the contact form and I will add your comments to this page.

My Experience so far!

I almost ALWAYS use aluminium oxide grit and tin oxide for my rock tumbling now. Aluminium Oxide is so much cheaper than Silicon Carbide and certainly in the finer grades 220, 400, 600, ect. it is just as effective and maybe better than Silicon carbide. Tin Oxide is my favorite Polish, followed very closely by Cerium Oxide. I personally find the Zinc Oxide to be much less effective and I have not been able to source an Aluminium Oxide powder ( this is a popular polish in the US) finer than 1200 grit, 1200 grit is not a polish and I find it just does not work.


THE POLISHING SHOP I buy most of my Aluminium oxide grits from here. They sell a wide range of grit sizes and in bulk quantities if you want.


LITTLE GEMS ROCK SHOP 80/220/400 grit Silica carbide in 1kg bags and 500g bags at a reasonable price.

AMAZON 60 grit silicon carbide sometimes available in 500g and 1kg lots at not a bad price. This is the only place I know where you can get 60 grit SC.


Stonetools UK. Sold as “Pote Malaysia” only in 1kg tubs. Not cheap but it is in my opinion the best all round polish for UK tumblers.

Please Note: I do not have affiliate links to this company.

CTM Potters Supplies. For smaller quantities of Tin Oxide and other grits and polishes for rock tumbling as well. Old fashioned company, you need to email your order to them for a price confirmation. But seem to be reasonably priced!

I hope this list is of help to all UK rock tumblers, if you feel you can add to this list please email me via the contact form.

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