Rock Tumbling Cheat

Rock tumbling Cheat

Generally speaking I am not in favour of cheating in anything. But rock tumbling can be such a frustrating hobby that I thought this might be a good idea for those struggling to achieve a polish on their rocks and pebbles. It is a simply way of producing Highly polished stones in double quick time!

However I must stress that this is a short term cheat, there is no substitute for properly tumble polishing your rocks to a brilliant hard shine and in my other videos and articles about rock tumbling I will show you how to get those pesky stones properly polished. In the meantime try this easy fix!

Rock Tumble cheat, polished stones in just 7 days!

A Few Thoughts…….

This method of creating a cheat polish is pretty simple but it does have a few drawbacks. The acrylic coating may bubble or run when spraying the rocks or an insect or dust may settle ruining the effect. The only way to remedy this I think would be to tumble the failure rocks in the barrel again to remove the coating and start again. Also the acrylic coating will not have a long life, the coating will rub and fade ot scratch easily or the varnish might even start to peel.

The best solution to these problems is to learn to use your rock tumbler to polish your stones to a hard natural shine, this will last pretty much forever! It is not really hard to do, it is just that wading through the sea of misleading advice, and information that is downright wrong can be very frustrating for beginners to rock tumbling.

My background as a stonemason of fifty years and my passion for rock tumbling, for experimenting and testing rock tumbling theories has made me a really good tumbler, I get a brilliant polish on my rocks pretty much all of the time.

I am making my mission to cut through the crap! My Youtube videos chart my journey from novice tumbler to where I am now and if you want to see my failures and successes here is the link to my Rock Tumbling for beginners Playlist.


I apprenticed at the age of 15 as an ecclesiastical marble mason and have worked in the stone trade for 52 years. I have Made headstones in marble, worked on ancient monuments as a restoration stonemason, made marble and stone fireplaces and specialised for twenty years as a stone engraver. I am now retired but am active in making videos and advice articles about natural stone and engraving.
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