All about the wonderful world of Rock Tumbling!


Rock tumbling is my latest passion, it is a hobby all about learning, learning about rocks and stones, exploring the practical techniques of polishing rocks and learning how to succeed at getting a brilliant polish on your rocks! I have become a fanatic with five barrels running most of the time. My expertise has grown with each load, so much so that I can now produce brilliantly polished pebbles and stones at will.


I spend much of my time experimenting with different methods of tumbling, of which there are many and trying out and testing different rock tumbling theories, opinions, and myths of which there are hundreds!


In this blog I will share the lessons I have learnt, the theories I have tested and the myths that I have proven to my own satisfaction are hogwash! I really enjoy interaction with other tumblers and rock hounds, sharing our experiences, our successes and our failures is the way we can learn and become better rock tumblers, so please feel free to leave comments and don’t be afraid to take issue with my opinions. I’m a big lad I can take it!

If you would like to view all of my rock Tumbling videos CLICK HERE!

Welcome to my Rock Tumbling world!

This was a long tumble that taught me a lot about tumbling rough stones
My first rock tumbler reviewed.

This is how I got started. Looking back ,even though I am an old old hand at working stone it is embarrassing at how naive I was! I believed the advice supplied with the machine and the advice of Youtube rock rumbling gurus, not realising that most of it was hogwash!

It is absolutely clear from the comments in my Youtube channel that many would be rock tumblers struggle with getting a decent polish on their rocks. in the video below I explain many of the common reasons for your difficulties and offer solutions and advice to improve your rock tumbling.

Rock tumbling should be a joy not a grind! (Pun intended).

Not all polishes are equal! My favourite polish is Tin Oxide, followed closely by cerium Oxide. This is based on my experience and on the massive test i did to determine for myself which is the very best rock tumbling polish. You can see the entire test and the results in the video below.

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