Sand carved tree of life, stone house sign

This is I think one of my favorite ever projects. The Tree of Life has been “sand carved” rather than just sand blasted. sand carving is a challenging technique requiring skillful use of drawing and blasting. This involves sand carving the stone layer by layer to create a beautiful 3D engraved image.

The “Tree of Life” drawing was all my own work, I had to work out how each individual layer would be carved out and in which order.and I was just a tad proud of how it all worked out.

The saying carved in raised in relief lettering around the rim is an old traditional African proverb and should resonate with us all.

This stone has been mounted on the gable of the house and looks just stunning.

Sand carving technique on a sandstone house plaque.


I apprenticed at the age of 15 as an ecclesiastical marble mason and have worked in the stone trade for 52 years. I have Made headstones in marble, worked on ancient monuments as a restoration stonemason, made marble and stone fireplaces and specialised for twenty years as a stone engraver. I am now retired but am active in making videos and advice articles about natural stone and engraving.
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