All About Stone House signs

All About Stone, Slate and Granite House signs.

So, you are considering a new House sign? Which stone are you going to choose, What size? Which style?…..  It can be daunting, however fret ye not! We are here to help! 

Browsing down this page may help you focus in on the type of stone you like, the style of engraving and the design elements you really want.

York Stone for house signs

York stone is a wonderful natural looking stone for house signs. The colours ranging naturally from grey to buff to yellow/gold. The stone is hard wearing and weather resistant and after decades of service will restore like new with pressure washing!T

Cream Indian Sandstone for house signs

Indian cream coloured sandstone is a superb high quality stone and makes beautiful stone house plaques. Indian sandstone come in a huge range of colours and shades, from creamy white stone to dark brows and even a deep red stone. Your stone engraver will have to hand select this stone, and may offer the full range of colours!

Welsh Slate house signs

Welsh Slate is one of the finest slates in the world. Tough and weatherproof ideal for house signs. Most house signs are made from Welsh blue/grey slate but it is also possible you may be offered beautiful Maroon coloured slate.

Granite House Signs

Polished black granite is the stone of choice for very smart and durable house signs. The granite itself and the engraving, (if it is deep engraved) will last forever. The weak link is the colour filled/painted lettering, this may need touching up every decade or so!

Local Stones

If you are lucky enough to live in an area of the country that has a local stone used to build and decorate local houses and cottages, it will really be worth the effort to find a local stone engraver or even a hand letter cutter to make your house sign. I have to be honest here, I am not completely certain about the origin of the above stones, they were supplied by my customers over the course of the years.

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