for house signs


Super tough granite is the ideal option for those who want a smart durable house sign. I think this is the best choice for Art-Deco style signs, the stark black and white or black and silver thoroughly in keeping with the genre.

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Classic style

The engraving on Classic style granite house signs are nearly always paint or gold leaf finished. The stone is simply too hard to engrave deep enough to leave unpainted.

Carved in-relief.

Granite house signs can be carved in-relief, though not as deeply as stone or slate. The granite is simply too hard. This method does work well with Black Absoluto granite as the contrast between the very black polished face and the mat-grey blasted background shows off the lettering beautifully. This method works less well on lighter and mottled granites.

Art-Deco on Granite

Art-deco house signs engraved with borders and matching art-deco fonts. These are among my favourite types of house sign.

Art-Nouveau House signs.

Art-Nouveau granite house signs with custom artwork.

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