Sandstone for house signs

Indian sandstone for house signs.

I first began using Indian sandstone for my house signs twenty years ago, soon after they first appeared in the UK market. They were then a completely unknown quantity but now Indian sandstone is widely recognised as high quality stone.

Of course the quality can vary, although lumped under the term “Indian sandstone” the different types and colours are sourced from numerous quarries across the sub continent. I spent a lot of time searching out the best types of stone for engraving and concentrated my efforts on the white and cream coloured stone that I grew to love. Your stone engraver should be experienced in choosing high quality engravable stone.

Classic Style unpainted.

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The above were all deep engraved and left as natural. The Station lodge sign is a brilliant example (even if I do say so myself!) of simple elegance. Heathwood house sign shows a custom designed font style with unusual proportions and spacing..

Classic style painted lettering.

These house signs were engraved and then the lettering highlighted with paint.

There can be an issue with painting the engraving in some types of sandstone. The nature of the rock is “sandy” although very hard and tough the grain structure of the stone can result in a slightly jagged look to the edge of the engraving. In practice this is only apparent if you look very closely indeed! In twenty years I never had a customer comment.

Indian sandstone carved in-relief.

Stone house signs carved in-relief – the background is blasted away leaving the lettering and any artwork standing proud. The visibility of this style will depend on the depth of the engraving. You can expect good examples of this type of work o remain read-able for a hundred years or more! This is a beautifully natural, maintenance free style of engraving.

Border styles

Adding an engraved or rocky border can give your stone house sign extra cache! However this may restrict the size of lettering for your house name. Consult with your stone engraver, he or she will be able to guide you.

Engraved Artwork

I have always loved drawing up motifs and artwork for my house signs. The art work that your stone engraver has in his or her portfolio will give you a huge choice of suitable motif for your house sign.

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