for house signs

Welsh Slate for House Signs

Welsh slate is one of the worlds great stones. Tough hard wearing and resistant to weathering and sunlight it is also superb to engrave. The tight even gran of the stone makes for crisp and clean lettering and images.

Classic style with unpainted lettering

These signs are deep engraved and left natural, in this format the sign will remain legible for many decades. With no paint to touch up and the ability to pressure wash the slate (you won’t blast the paint out!) this the long term maintenance free option

Classic style painted.

Welsh slate signs are often painted to highlight the lettering and engraving against the dark grey background. It is a simple matter to add arrows as in the case of Woodlands.

Carved in-relief

Welsh slate carved in relief will last and remain legible for many decades. The depth of the engraving is a judgement call by the engraver, too shallow and the lettering will be difficult to read in the wet, too deep and the work becomes vulnerable to weathering. Done well and this is one of the most beautiful forms of engraving.

Signs with Artwork

Welsh slate is an excellent medium for engraving and carved in-relief images.

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