York Stone
for house signs

Is York Stone the best stone for house signs?

Over the years I have been engraving house signs I must have been asked a thousand times “which is the best type of stone?” On many of these occasions I would have quite sincerely replied “York Stone”. However if I am honest my reply would have been framed by the latest piece of work I had done that I was most proud of. On a different day I might just as sincerely said “Sandstone” or “Welsh slate”

So here is the truth…. a well chosen York Stone is a truly wonderful stone for house signs and indeed almost any other use. Tough and weather resistant, and quarried in natural colours that range from pale gold to dark buff to blue! The stone can vary in the coarseness of the grain and care must be taken to choose the best type if you are wanting fine detail on your engraving.
The best house sign makers will have a lot of experience in choosing the right stone, have a chat with him or her and ask their advice about the stone they use. 

Styles of stone engraving.

Classic style natural, (unpainted).

The above are all in the classic style, deep engraved for a very long life and high visibility.

Classic style painted.

York stone house signs can be painted to highlight the lettering, this is often referred to as “Filled or colour filled”. I have often been asked if paint filled signs are more visible, I have to admit that they are, but the advantage is only marginal and I really love the simple look of the deep engraved unpainted type.

Classic house signs with a carved motif.

Carved in-relief.

These house name signs are carved in-relief. This style of engraving will remain legible for a hundred years or more! There is however a practical limit as to how small we can engrave in-relief. You may have to opt for s larger size of stone or less lettering. Your stone engraver can guide you on this.

Border styles.

Consider adding a border for more effect, a simple engraved line border may add a touch of understated class to your stone house sign. You can see here a chamfered edge, a Rock border and a line border. Ask your stone engraver if he can offer these or other border designs.

Adding artwork.

Add a carved image to make your house sign really personal, the type of images you will be offered will depend on the engravers catalogue and the space available on your stone.

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